Lending Without
Limits on Cardano

CherryLend is an open-source, secure, and scalable lending and borrowing protocol on the Cardano blockchain.

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Why CherryLend

CherryLend is an open-source, transparent, and non-custodial lending protocol on Cardano.


Open-source Contracts

All smart contracts are open source and audited for maximum security and efficiency.

Verifiably Secure

Built on the foundations of Know Your Assumptions (KYA) to protect users.

Sleek User Experiernce

We strive to create a world class lending and borrowing experience.

Fair Tokenomics

No VCs or private investors — crafted to empower the users and supporters of the protocol.

The CherryLend roadmap focuses on delivery and efficiency.

Our roadmap focuses on delivery and efficiency.

We have three main goals to make CherryLend a successful lending protocol.

Mainnet V1 Q4 2023
Farming and Staking Q1 2024
Smart Lending (V2) Q2 2024

Use Cases

Built the right way, not the easy way - lending reimagined from the ground up.


Shorting is a popular trading strategy when a user is bearish on a token. CherryLend allows users to borrow fungible tokens, sell, and re-purchase the assets to increase their positions.


CherryLend enables decentralized leverage trading by allowing users to borrow capital and increase their purchasing or selling power.

Yield Farming

Users can earn CHRY for using the CherryLend protocol starting from the 1st day of our mainnet launch.

Our Team

Learn more about the history of CherryLend contributors.